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1255 Burgomaster

How to play

This game has some tick under the hood. Each tick happens in 30 seconds.
After each turn your poplulation paid taxes to you and growing.
You need to build homes to continue growth your city population.
Each lvl of houses allows you to have more population.
You need to build walls and tower (keep) to keep your city safe against intruders.
You need to build a treasury to store your gold.
Each lvl of the treasury allows you to keep more gold.
Also, Treasury allows you to hire treasury guads.
Treasury guards signifant decreases chance of stealing gold from your treasury.
Hiring the guard will cost you 20 gold.
Each guard require regular payment (each tick), it also cost 20 gold.
If you don't have enough money, they will leave their work permamently.
You can build fountain OR gallows. You can't change your choice after building is done.
Fountains will increase happiness and speed of growing population.
Gallows will decrease population, increase taxes, and allow you to execute townsfolk.
Executing any townperson will add his property as confiscated gold.
Stash is required to lower your losses from stealing. You can't build stash without treasury.

Minimum System Requirements

Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer Mobile 10
Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Firefox Android All
Google Chrome 4, Chrome Android All
Safari 4, iOS Safari 3.2
Opera 11, Opera Mobile 12*
Android 3, Chrome Android,
Blackberry Browser 7
*Please note, Opera Mini is NOT SUPPORTED!
Data about Browser support provided by https://caniuse.com/ service

600MHz 1 Core CPU
1MB of data plan to download game itself, analytics and chat. And some traffic will be used with ingame chat and usage statistics, though game will works perfectly even offline after download complete* (check options offline game)

About the project

Hello there! My name is Gladyshev Anton and I'm the author of the project.
Homepage of the project is https://github.com/Areso/1255-burgomaster
This pet-project is dedicated to create a playable game, written in vanilla JavaScript, without using jQuery and modern whistlers and jugglers.
The project oriented to be compact (in terms of source code and resources), blazing fast to download, fast enough to run even on aging devices with limited horsepower under the hood.
It runs well even on low-powered tablets and phones, let alone old PCs and laptops
It heavily uses JS technologies as HTML5.Canvas, EcmaScript5 localStorage, JSON.parse(), and so on.

About the game

The game itself about building a city. You are starting with some amount of gold and a few citizens.
This is an IDLE game, which means, every minute your citizens will spawn new citizens and pay taxes to you.
You can constuct buildings, but upgrading existing ones will require each time more gold, because this game is an Incremental game.
As for now, constructing building do not requires time, only resources.
Straight management, which means, you need place management by clicking here and there and you will get what you clicked.
You will explore wild territories near your city.

Regarding you choices, you could get boost in taxes or birthrate, happynness and so on.
Game could become to a Clicker game in case you build Gallows and like to execute you citizens.
This game created and new features right now in development inspiring by Travian, Townsmen, Stronghold and Stronghold Crusaders, HoMM (Heroes of Might and Magic), Lord of Realm, Anno series.
You can export and import game to transfer your progress between different browsers and PCs.
For keeping you tuned, you will get handful of unfortunate or, on the contrary, fortunate events:
  • thieves will steal your gold,
  • aggressive neighbors will attack your city,
  • flood and drought will kill your crops,
  • mouses and rats will devastate your barns,
  • fires will destroy your buildings*,
  • and I will add more events

Colors meaning: red - not yet implemented, but planned to implement
*Sadly, this event turned off due to instability of his work. I hope it temporary
All suggestion and bug reports could be made via chat (if enabled) or via GitHub Issues